Web Development for professionals.

Using latest technologies I am crafting modern, fast and secure websites.


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What is the process?

Check out the process of crafting a website for your business.


I research your company's market and check what we can achieve.

Project draft

I prepare the project according to the guidelines and my own ideas.


Using the latest technologies, I implement the project.


Your website looks great, is's fast and attracts customers.


Using latest technologies I am crafting beautiful websites with GatsbyJS, Vue or React.


Mobile and SEO friendly, easy to maintain websites for your business.

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Using the most popular WooCommerce engine your online store will stand out.

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Web Design

Crafted for individual needs, eye catching and full of latest trends.

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If you have no idea how to promote your business I will help you stand out.

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Your website is not on the first page? That's really bad, let me fix it.

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Fast and secure VPS hosting for your business. Do not worry about data leaks.

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Articles about company, websites and Front End world.

Web Developer Sheffield

Web Developer Sheffield

Time is ticking and you still does not have a modern and eye catching website? Hire a Web Developer

Hello UK

Hello UK

Hi there 👋Thanks for a visit. My name is Marcin Zogrodnik and I am a Front End Developer bas


Karolina Wawrzyniak


Working with Marcin was excellent! He answered all my questions and posted each element of the Website very quickly. He was explaining to me patiently, what Website building looks like and what should I focus on as an entrepreneur. He met my expectations 100 percent, that’s why I recommend him because he is professional and you wouldn’t regret working with him.