Hello UK

Hello UK

Hi there đź‘‹Thanks for a visit. 
My name is Marcin Zogrodnik and I am a Front End Developer based in Sheffield, UK. I have a similar website marcinzogrodnik.pl focused on the Polish market.

I have been promoting my “main” website which is written in Polish in the UK and it’s far below my expectations, obviously because of the language. So I thought it’s time to change and create a UK version of my small business. 

As a Freelancer I am able to work with British & Polish customers and I really like this idea. The market is totally different in terms of technologies and expectations. That’s why I am so excited to publish my services to the UK customers.

About me

I come from Poland, when I was 14 years I have moved to UK with my parents. I have finished Secondary School and then College. Currently I am living in Worksop near Sheffield and I am working as a Front End Developer in DeeperThanBlue.

Front End Developer

It was not so easy for me to get my first Web Developer / Front End Developer role. I am a self taught so nobody wanted to hire me. Finally, after a really long journey with tutorials and learning I got my first job in Doncaster. I will never forget this date, it was 5th of November 2016, the date where everything has changed.

Also it’s not easy to find a place where your employer appreciate your work. That’s why I had to change my place of work so often. Three years passed by so quickly and I have changed jobs 6 times!

A lot of people would say it’s a bad in case of my CV. However I can see it a bit differently. Many times when I came to the interview I heard that I will work with the latest technologies, I will have a real impact in choosing the path of development etc. I was excited, well everyone would be. When I started a new job and I wanted to initialize a new project in Vue.js everyone says a big NO, they not even tried to understood why it might be useful for the company.

I understand that getting into a new technology could be not so easy for someone without an experience but hey, everyone has to start somewhere. I was thinking that switching to Vue.js or React will be a big step ahead of competitors.

Why I think it was good for me?

In my opinion now I can compare all the places where I used to work and honestly, all my previous jobs were a joke in terms of managing people and projects. Now I know how how important is scrum in the workplace, how important is communication between colleagues.

I met a lot of good developers

Yes, after three years in IT industry I met a lot of good developers and I have learnt a lot, not just in terms of coding but also how to deal with clients and how to solve complex problems.

What next?

I would love to focus on both British and Polish market to get as much clients as I can and expand my portfolio.