JAMstack website for your business

Why JAMstack?

Static site generators becoming very popular because they are easy to use and they are based on modern JavaScript technologies like React or Vue.js.

WordPress for example is server-side generated website, this every time you click on the page or link it will try to connect to the server and wait for the response. If the response is successful it will bring back results and you will be able to see the content. So if WordPress website will be larger, for example with lots of styles and images it will take longer to load because your browser will have to download every asset again and again.

I never said WordPress is bad. WordPress or any other CMS is good if developer know how to use it. Unfortunately most developers does not care about performance and security.

JAMstack is not a technology, it's just a new way of building websites and apps. It's a modern web development based on client-side and it doesn't need a web server.

How it works?

JAMstack is a static HTML website which is rebuild automatically every time you update the content and deployed to a CDN.

If you would like to have a blog on your website you will need a Headless CMS. Currently there is a lot of websites providing such services. This website uses DatoCMS and I think it's great choice for small and medium bussineses.

Imagine your website is done and you need to add a new post. All you need to do is login to your DatoCMS dashboard and add a blog post. Clean and easy solution for everyone.

When you finish writing your content next step is to click Build Now and your new post will be available to see for your visitors.

Reasons why choose JAMstack website

I think the biggest reason why you should choose JAMstack website is performance. It's really important for your visitors to open the website quick and get straight to the content. People are looking for information and if the page is getting ages to load they just leave the page and goes to another result in Google.

Each JAMstack website is served on CDN - Content Delivery Network which means you website could be splitted into parts which are distributed around the world. By using CDN you website load time will be the same for visitors from USA or Europe.

JAMstack website is also less expensive and easier to scale. It's easier to develop for someone who know Gatsby or Next.js. Also if you have small or medium business you don't have to worry about expensive and sometime slow hosting services. All my websites are hosted on Netlify for FREE. So the actual cost is a domain name (if you already does not have one) and development cost.

Build your online presence

Even if you have a small business you should have a website with basic information what services you provide. In my opinion Facebook or Instagram account is not enough. Of course Facebook or Twitter are still great tool for promoting your services but fast website is a must have.

JAMstack website in less than a week!

JAMstack website is easy to develop for people who know how to build it. You are lucky because I am one of them! If you need a brand new, modern and blazing fast website you should contact me and get a quote.

Starter prices from £300

You can get your JAMstack website for £300. It's the cheapest you can get.

Basic plan includes:

  • Homepage
  • About Us
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Contact Us

Contact me for more info and enjoy your modern JAMstack website.

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