Monthly Digest - May 2020

Twitter says staff can continue working from home permanently

Remote work is getting more and more popular because it's good for employees, they have more time for family and hobbies. Twitter will not force employees to come back to the office after the lockdown ends.

Next.js 9.4

New features in Next.js 9.4 update include:

and many more.

The Complete CSS Flex Box Tutorial

Learn how CSS Flex works! Great article explaining all you need to build responsive layouts.

How to build a full stack serverless application with React and Amplify

With emerging cloud technologies (i.e. Amplify, Azure functions) it is now easier than ever to build production-ready, robust, scalable modern web applications. Developers can implement Authentication, APIs, data layers, machine learning, chatbots, even AR scenes more easily than ever by taking advantage of these new serverless cloud technologies. In this practical guide I will walk you through building your very first full stack serverless application with React and AWS Amplify.

OnePlus 8 series kernel source now available to developers

The license for the Linux kernel at the heart of Android requires that any changes, including modifications by device manufacturers, need to be publicly available. Some companies are faster to release their changes than others, but after only a few weeks on the market, kernel source packages for the OnePlus 8 series is now available.

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