Web Developer Sheffield

Time is ticking and you still does not have a modern and eye catching website? Hire a Web Developer in Sheffield!

Why hire freelance Web Developer?

I have been working for a few marketing agencies in the past and I know how it looks like from inside the company. In many cases Web Developers has a lot of great ideas how to improve their clients websites but they are blocked by the clients or the management.

If you hire an marketing agency your new website cost will be much higher than working directly with a freelancer. It’s because agency has to pay for the office and other stuff to run the company.

But you want just a new website, so why you have to pay for the broadband bill or free fruits for the whole company?


Prices for one hour of development may vary, it could be £80 or £150 for the marketing agencies. Do you know how much of it is paid to the developer who crafted your new beautiful website? In Sheffield a really good developer will get about £30 per hour.

I think it’s just not fair. That’s why you should work directly with a freelancer. If you hire zogdev to work on your new modern website you will get:

  • Faster response – I really care about my clients and all changes during the development process are discussed immediately.
  • Link to live preview – I will create a development environment for you to check the process of building your website so you can report any changes on the fly.
  • High quality WordPress or GatsbyJS code – I know how WordPress website is build and what plugins can be used to get the best performance of your website.
  • Best price for the quality – as I mentioned before, you are not charged £100 per hour.

What zogdev can do for your business?


With modern website your business can grow immediately. For example my latest project Language Advisor is number 1 in Google for the “doradca językowy” keyword. We have archeived it in just two weeks!

Doradca Językowy (Language Advisor) is a perfect example where all SEO is mostly done by writing excellend semantic HTML code.

Is your website not appearing in Google search results? Get in touch and zogdev will fix it as soon as possible.

Responsive website

Does your website is slow on mobile devices? It may be a problem with responsivity. Websites zogdev crafting are always optimised for mobile devices, tablets and laptops to bring the best experience for your customers.

Hire zogdev

Yes, you can hire zogdev for your next project. Stop wondering and just contact zogdev and change your business website into a bringing profit website.