Doradca Językowy

Testimonial from Karolina Wawrzyniak

Working with Marcin was excellent! He answered all my questions and posted each element of the Website very quickly. He was explaining to me patiently, what Website building looks like and what should I focus on as an entrepreneur. He met my expectations 100 percent, that’s why I recommend him because he is professional and you wouldn’t regret working with him.

Language Advisor

Doradca Językowy – your professional language coach. We are here for you to optimize the recruitment process at your company. We verify the level of foreign language skills of your prospective employees placing focus on the English and German languages. Further, we support applicants before their job interview.

About the project

I was very excited when I heard about the project for the first time, Karolina is a fiance of my very good friend from Poland so I was really happy when I get more info about the project.

I’ve asked Karolina does she had any websites she likes so I can get inspiration how her new website could looks like. I’ve send her a few websites as well so we could discuss what will be the best for her needs.

There was a good communication between me and Karolina so it brought us a really good output because I knew what she would like to achieve. Moreover Karolina is a really good listener, I’ve advised her bits and bobs about the design and explained why we should use “solution X” against “solution Y”.

Logo, illustrations and icons has been made by Dagmara Kubina and all I can say is WOW. Without Dagmara’s assets the whole project would not look as good as it’s looks now.


WordPress is the CMS I have used to craft Karolina’s new website. It’s easy to maintain, and the project does not need a ton of plugins that may slow down her website. I am trying to avoid plugins because in many cases they bring too much functionality where the website does not need it.

Website is translated into 3 languages, Polish, English and German and for this I have used a plugin. There was no point to create it from scratch, plugin brings all I needed to translate the website for languages we need.


I love the project and the idea. I am one of the biggest fan and I will support it all the way. The communication was excellent, we understood each other so the final result had to be perfect.