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Developers likes to build their own things / products, even if it's not profitable, they can show off their work and maybe get a better job. Other developers likes to build projects like this to track programming progress. This is exactly what I am doing with Front End Jobs.

In the past I made a few mistakes, I had finished some projects and never published them, even on GitHub. I can't compare code I've written 2-4 years ago.

Front End Jobs is different, it will be available on separate domain when I finish it and also I think to open source it to get more feedback from more experienced developers.

Design & Stack

Design is minimal and simple, when I used to search for a job I found a lot of job boards with unnecessary information.

Company logo, name of the position, company name, tags, location and apply link, that's it, do we need more? I think it's clean enough to get attention.

I am using React library with Next.js framework to build Front End Jobs. It's fun to work with Next, really simple to get what I want and of course it's React so I keep up to date with the latest technologies and updates.

There is still a few things to do but I keep working on!

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