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Language Advisor ( is a company runs by Karolina Wawrzyniak from Poland. Karolina gained her experience and fluency in the English and German languages during studies, internship and work in Germany and in the USA. Since 2012 she has been spreading the idea, that knowledge of foreign languages is a core skill.

She’s been insisting on using the languages in a grammatically correct way to communicate and interact with people. Clear and effective communication is crucial! She graduated from the University of Warsaw with a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. Moreover, she participated in Postgraduate Studies at SGH Warsaw School of Economics and successfully passed the professional certificate in Accountancy.

Working in Polish biggest corporations in BPO and SSC branches as a German-Speaking Customer Service Specialist and a Senior Credit and Collection Specialist gave her enough background to consider herself an expert in applying foreign languages to perform an excellent service at the out- and insourcing companies. 

Website & Design

Karolina had a clear view of what she wanted to achieve and she were one of my best client so far. She prepared a presentation with sections from top to the bottom of the website, then I've just advised her on what we should focus on.

Logo, illustrations and icons has been made by Dagmara Kubina and they looks really good.

My main task was to create a design and create a custom theme for WordPress CMS. Language Advisor is available in 3 different languages, Polish, English and German which was an challenge for me because I've never done multi language website before.

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